Large farmhouse, kitchen garden, redesign for change of use


Featuring rose borders, prairie style herbaceous planting and tree and shrub borders ensure year round interest. A turf seat, sage lawn and a yew arch provide architectural structure and blend with the existing rustic features. A clipped Osmanthus hedge gives scented screening for a hot tub and the stone pathways and seating areas are enhanced with ambient lighting at night.


herbaceous border
1. Prairie style herbaceous borders provide a long lasting display of colour and movement


2. Phlomis and Miscanthus provide a lush foreground to rustic farm features



3. Before – an unused walled kitchen garden

sun patio
4. Two comfortable chairs bask on the sun patio enjoying the colour and scent of lavender and roses

rose border
5. The rose border flowers exuberantly

sage lawn
6. The sage lawn surrounded by box is just growing in nicely


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