Garden Design & Gardening Services


Phoenix Garden Design offers a full array of garden design and gardening services. We work with our customers in establishing exactly what they are looking for in their garden, and then incorporate these ideas and desires when realising this vision. We can design and create a beautiful garden for your whole family to enjoy, while we also offer gardening services including clearance and restoration projects, as well as contracts.

At Phoenix Garden Design we can offer a bespoke service to meet all your gardening needs. Be sure to get in touch with us today and discuss what we can do for you. We are passionate about everything we do and we can accommodate your individual situation accordingly, making sure you are completely satisfied with the service we provide.

Garden Design

When we create a garden for our customers, we use the initial consultation as a framework for the vision of the garden. Our goal at Phoenix Garden Design is to optimise the enjoyment of your garden and make sure it meets all your needs. We can create any type of garden that you are looking for, including colourful and spacious gardens, while we can incorporate various practical functions such as fences paths and driveways.

The garden design can also make use of relaxing elements like trees, flowers and water features. If you were considering a terrace or decking so you can entertain friends and enjoy meals outside during the summer months, then these could also be included in the plan. At Phoenix Garden Design we are proud creators of beautiful gardens and can design the garden that best suits your needs.

Gardening Services

In addition to our high quality consultancy and design landscaping professionals, at Phoenix Garden Design we have a highly experienced and well-trained gardening team. We offer a full range of gardening services to keep your garden looking beautiful and well-kept. If you are in need of clearance or the restoration of your garden then we can help you to complete the project efficiently.

Our gardening team can also undertake specialist gardening tasks such as cutting pleached hedges and trees, planting high impact terrace borders and pond maintenance. We can also arrange contracts for the regular and ongoing care of lawns, topiary sculptures, shrubs and roses, as well as borders and terraces.

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