Water Features

If you have been looking at water features to enhance the appearance of your garden, then you have come to the right place. Here at Phoenix Garden Design, all water features are designed and built by our expert craftsmen according to the requirements of the client. We work with you to design water features which suit the size and scale of your garden and integrate with the natural environment.

A water feature can put the finishing touch to any garden. Our dedicated team of craftsmen ensure that you will always receive the best quality of service and we only use high quality materials in our water feature designs. There are many different kinds of water features available to choose from and we can discuss the options and any of your other requirements with you.

water features

Some of the choices of water features that you may wish to have includes cascades, waterfalls, fountains or streams. These amazing water features can be emphasised even further by the use of the latest technological developments. We can install water features that light up at night to produce a dramatic and mesmerising effect. If you just wanted a water feature that could be left peaceful to attract wildlife, then this is also possible. We are not restricted by many design constraints as we have the skills to achieve whatever you require.

In addition to our team of designers, craftsmen and plants people, we also have people with skills in plumbing and electrical installations so nothing is too much trouble for us to build and install whatever is required in the garden. For instance, if you wanted to install a new pond, complete with water pump, then we can accommodate this along with your other water features. This can add a new dimension to your garden.

Once we have agreed on a brief with you, we will then produce and present the design to you. If any costing changes are necessary, we will always let you know as soon as possible and clarify these to you. When installing water features in your garden, we will always endeavour to keep you informed of all developments and will minimise any disruption or inconvenience to you while the work is underway. As our water features are built to your ideal requirements they can be made to need very little maintenance.

So, if you are looking to install a water feature to enhance the look of your garden, contact us at Phoenix Garden Design and we can discuss your ideas further. As well as water features, we also offer a high quality landscaping and garden design service to create the most beautiful gardens around. If you are interested in any of these garden services then speak to us about your ideas and wishes as we can help you to create your dream garden.

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